2018 Triangle Run/Walk for Autism

V-Care Super Heroes

What is V-Care? V-Care is a project focused around raising awareness in and around our town about the dangers of pouring waste cooking oil in the kitchen sink and how we can recycle the oil and help protect the environment we live in. We can turn the waste cooking oil into biodiesel and eliminate some CO2 from our atmosphere. Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning replacement for diesel. Recycling cooking oil and other fats would eliminate blockages in our sewer system. According to Town of Cary, in 2014, there were 6 sewer overflows in the Town in which oil and grease were a main contributor to the blockage. In our research, our team also found out that most families actually pour the waste cooking oil in a Ziplock bag, seal it and trash it. By recycling cooking oils and grease, citizens can help reduce landfill disposal as well. With members ranging from 12-15 years old, V-Care is a successful and innovative fundraiser that gives back to the community any way possible.

Our project has a dual-purpose: In addition to raising awareness, we also collect waste cooking oil from households and restaurants and supply to local biodiesel companies and raise funds for Autism Society of North Carolina. So far we have raised over $5,000 and we believe we can do more. Through this run we plan to raise $1000 to help kids on the spectrum get the diagnosis they need along with the money needed to learn new skills and make new friends. We believe every kid is equal and through your donation we can help kids with autism all over the state live a happy, playful life. Every dollar counts and your donation is greatly appreciated.

Please consider supporting our run/walk this October 13!

- V-Care team 


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The Autism Society of North Carolina is the leading statewide resource organization serving people across the autism spectrum throughout their lifespans.

We understand the challenges of the autism community because we work with individuals on the autism spectrum and their families every day. We offer advocacy, training and education, and direct care that helps individuals with autism to, increase their social and communication skills, develop independent-living skills, succeed in school or on the job, participate in community activities, and advocate for themselves.

We have a statewide network of resources, connecting individuals with autism and their families to life-changing programs and supports unavailable anywhere else.

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