2018 WNC Run/Walk for Autism

Don't Mess With Tess

Thank you for supporting the WNC Run/Walk for Autism...and thank you for being on Tessa Blue’s Team! It’s going to be fun, sweaty and a good, old fashioned adventure!!  If you are too far away to join us as we merrily jaunt down the trail, please consider a donation to make it all worthwhile.

Many of you know that I have been knee-deep in the Autism Community since my mother offered my babysitting services to a young boy in my hometown of Wautoma, Wisconsin.  Since then I have found myself all over the country embarking on a whimsical adventure of commitment to caring for, and learning from, those on the Autism Spectrum...from the littles to the adults, it has been a whirlwind of laughs, tears, joy and sorrow...and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And then along came My Blue.  Tessa Blue is a joyful, wild spirited and charming First Grader. Every day she shows me the promise in this crazy world and I am a better mama because of her. Tessa Blue has autism and though the hurdles we are faced with daily can challenge the toughest of spirits I know that the two of us are two peas in a pod...We are family and we are in this together.  

I hope many, if not most, of you would love to rally with me for the race and show your support by joining our little team.  A few clicks and you’ll be all set! 

Wish us well...or see you there;)


Suzy & Tessa Blue

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The Autism Society of North Carolina is the leading statewide resource organization serving people across the autism spectrum throughout their lifespans.

We understand the challenges of the autism community because we work with individuals on the autism spectrum and their families every day. We offer advocacy, training and education, and direct care that helps individuals with autism to, increase their social and communication skills, develop independent-living skills, succeed in school or on the job, participate in community activities, and advocate for themselves.

We have a statewide network of resources, connecting individuals with autism and their families to life-changing programs and supports unavailable anywhere else.

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